Wear-Resistance worm gear hobbing machine supplier China in Antalya Turkey Rubber Kneader Mixing Mill with top quality

Wear-Resistance  worm gear hobbing machine  supplier  China  in Antalya Turkey  Rubber Kneader Mixing Mill with top quality

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Wear-Resistance Rubber Kneader Mixing Mill
 best selling 35L banbury mixer with chroming 
 carbide alloy rotors                                                                                                   
 High safety factor,low energy cost, high degree of production sanitation
Brief description
1excellent sealing performance(copper sealing ring)
2no leakage of  powder /oil-proof
3automatic and manual interaction

Mixing chamber:
 It consists of a “W” shape body and two side boards made of high quality steel plates by means of extrusion forming and welding, which are jacked to take the flow of cooling water or steam. It is plated with hard chrome on its internal walls.
Thermal Resistance:
There is a plug-in thermal resistance in middle section of the bottom of the chamber to be connected to electrical system to inspect and display the temperate.
 The rotors: 
 It is designed to the hollow blades of Banbury type. The hollows are connected with axial hole of rotor shaft used as cooling or heating passage. The top edges of blades and the end faces of ~ rotor shaft are surface welded with cobalt-base hard alloy and grinding, then plating with hard chrome and polishing.
Cooling/heating system:
A common piping system is used .Cooling water/steam/medium oil is led in three ways into the cavities of the rotor wings ,the mixing chamber and the ram to cool or heat stock in a circulation way. 
 Tilting mechanism:
 It consists of a rotor with brake, cycloidal gear reducer, TP type worm and worm gear, etc.. It is able to actuate the mixing chamber tilting by 140° around the front rotors.
Dust sealing device:
At the joint between the top of the mixing chamber and the cantilevered arm of the machine frame, the dust sealing assemblies with curved slotted partings are used obtaining an excellent and reliable sealing purpose.
The end face of the rotor is sealed by end contact sealing with nor oil-lubrication and is seals well and is wear-resistant and durable.
Main driving system:
It is comprised of the main motor,the speed reducer and the connecting gearbox to drive the two rotor shafts rotatingat differential or same speed in oppsite directions.
Pneumatic control system:
The PLC commands the bid-directional cylinder to drive the ram going up and down.In case the mixing is over load,the ram floats up automatically to protect the motor from operation at over load.The ram can be forcibly lifted manually ,if necessary.
Technical parameter:

Model X(S)N-20*34 X(S)N-35*30 X(S)N-55*30 X(S)N-75*30 X(S)N-110*30
Total Volume (L) 45 75 125 175 250
Wor ept Volume (L) 20 35 55 75 110
Power(KW) 30 55 75 110 185
Tilting Power(KW) 1.5 2.2 2.2 3.0 7.5
Tilting Angle 140° 140° 140° 140° 140°
Rotational Speed (r/min) 34/28 30/24.5 30/24.5 30/24.5 30/24.5
Size(mm) 3100*1300*2450 3200*1900*2945 3300*1900*2900 3760*2143*3135 4075*2712*3580

Main Features of banbury mixer:
1. The spiral angle and the wor ept length of the wing of the rotors are designed intelligently and reasonably, which can make the materials obtaining an optimal kneading effect. The wing ridge and the end surface of rotor are bead welded with the abrasion resistant hard alloy and the faying surface of mixing chamber, rotor and upper ram which directly touching with the materials are all polished after being ground and plated with hard chromium.
2. The mixing chamber of banbury mixer consists of W-shape body welded with high quality steel plates and two pieces of side plates. The chamber, rotors and piston ram are all jacketed structure for the ingoing of steam, oil and water for heating and cooling to suit the various requirement for the process of mixing and plastication.
3. Hard toothed surface gear reducer for higher wor ept efficiency, lower noise, wearing resistance; Well-known brand motor with 20 years guarantee.
4. PLC control for the banbury mixer.
5. Hydraulic pressure turning device adopts the enveloping worm pair to perform high efficiency and bearing strength. The discharging of materials can be carried out consecutively without stop, which avoids the starting up of motor frequently.
6. Chamber is well-sealed by the arc-shaped-plate-groove labyrinth type structure and the shaft end of rotor adopts contact type non-lubricating with spring tightening structure.
7. Temperature adjustable by electric control system; Pneumatic system can protect the motor from the overloading of chamber.
8. Plug-in type thermal resistor can be equipped in the bottom centre of mixing chamber and is connected with the electric-control system.
9. Operation safety, Materials good mixing dispersion, Environmental protection.

Machine pictures:


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Wear-Resistance  worm gear hobbing machine  supplier  China  in Antalya Turkey  Rubber Kneader Mixing Mill with top quality

Wear-Resistance  worm gear hobbing machine  supplier  China  in Antalya Turkey  Rubber Kneader Mixing Mill with top quality