Brass Worm Wheel

The combination of a worm wheel and worm are the components of a worm gear. A worm gear is a staggering shaft gear that creates motion between shafts using threads cut into a cylindrical bar to provide speed reduction. Speed reduction is determined by the number of worm threads and the number of teeth on the worm wheel.

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A brass worm wheel is a type of gear made from brass material that serves as the wheel component in a worm gear system. It features a circular disc with teeth that mesh with the helical thread of a worm gear. Brass is chosen as the material for worm wheels due to its desirable properties, including good corrosion resistance, high strength, and durability. Brass worm wheels are commonly used in various applications, including precision machinery, automotive systems, and small mechanical devices, where smooth and efficient power transmission, along with resistance to wear, is required. The use of brass helps ensure reliable performance and longevity in worm gear systems.

Material Brass
Color Yellow
Modulus 0.5
Weight 16g
Size of the worm wheel
Teeth 20
Teeth Dia 11.2mm
Height 12mm/0.47inch
Outer Diameter 11mm/0.43inch
Hole Diameter 4mm/0.16inch
Step Size 9x7mm/0.35×0.27inch ( Dia x H)
Overall Size 12x11x4mm/0.47×0.39×0.12inch( H x OD x ID)
Size of worm gear shaft
Height 20mm/0.79inch
Outer Diameter 9.8mm/0.39inch
Inner Diameter 3.17mm/0.12inch
Size 20×9.8×3.17mm/0.79×0.39×0.12inch( H x OD x ID)


1. Include one 0.5 modulus brass worm gear shaft and one 20-teeth brass worm gear wheel.
2. The transmission structure of the worm shaft is simple, compact, small volume, and lightweight.
3. Worm Shaft Z1=1, turn a round of worm gear teeth, can get a large transmission ratio, generally in the power transmission, the transmission ratio I=10-80, like big transmission ratio, if used with gear transmission, will need to take the multi-stage message.
4. High-quality material selection and careful processing create a high-quality product.
5. Made of brass, long-time service.